MIND What Matters Standalone Consultation

A Standalone Consultation may be taken in one, two or three sessions of not less than 30 minutes duration and a total of 120 minutes.

The MIND What Matters framework works on three levels:

Level 1 - Core business functions
Marketing, Intensity, Numbers and Differentiation

Level 2 - Doing business with purpose, on purpose
If it matters, mind it.

Level 3 - What REALLY matters
In the mind of the owner, what really matters and how this is reflected in the business and in life.

Once I receive your booking, I will send you a link to schedule a brief (15 mins) introductory call. This is not part of the 120 mins. In that call, I will give you a short form to outline the key issue(s) you want to address.

The overarching objective of the consultation is to identify practical, pragmatic and relevant actions you can take to resolve your issue or question.

All sessions are held on Zoom and are recorded. You will be provided with copies of the session recording (video and audio) and a transcript.