The Momma Method

You know that feeling, when you think that you've put in an effort and have something to show for it and that it's good enough / big enough / long

Happy New Year

I hope you and yours are safe and well. Tomorrow is the first "normal" working day of 2021 and a good day to lay the groundwork for a different year

Te Absolvo

Five days left in 2020. Five days to take stock Five days to change course. Five days to clear the decks. Five days to be ready for a fresh start 1 January. I trained as

Hail Janus

As 2020 draws to a close, it's time to look back and take stock and also time to look forward and set goals. In between, it's important to take time

Evolutionary Hunter

I'm spending 3 days hooked into Russel Brunson & ClickFunnels first ever Two Comma Club Live Virtual Conference. Given the 7 hour time difference, it starts at 6pm my time

Mental Chemistry

I have long been a fan of Charles F Haanel, author of "The Master Key System". Among the urban legends surrounding this book is one that Bill Gates attributed his

My First Product

I've been working with John Thornhill and Randy Smith in the Partnership to Success program and am close to having my first product ready for launch. Looking back to where

Origin Story

I'm participating in a ClickFunnels One Funnel Away 30 day Challenge and one of the tasks is to write and publish my origin story. The whole story would fill a

What a week!

Hi All, I'm Irish ☘️and working in Qatar in the Middle East. While most of the Western World works Monday - Friday, our week starts on Sunday. I expect that you're in