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Dear Friend,

I need your help…

First, my 2013 MacBook Pro up and died, just like that! (although to be fair, it didn’t really owe me anything). But, it put me back over $3,000 by the time I was up and running. Then, BOOM!!, Covid-19 shuts the country down and suddenly, instead of paying for my new laptop from cashflow, I’m trying to do it on credit AND I need to pay tuition to finish my PhD. All in all, I’m in the hole for 10 GRAND.

After getting my new MacBook Pro into action, I had to figure out how to get out of this hole as soon as possible. That’s why you’re reading this… because you get a firesale price on an Authenticated Signed Original by Salvador Dali worth $25,000.

That’s right. And I mean FIRESALE!

I’m not going out of business, or worse. I just decided that paying this off without going into debt is a smart thing to do. And to do it quickly. So as I was brainstorming, I thought about turning a potential negative, into a positive. You see, this way of paying “the man” helps one lucky person, someone like you…to have your own Authenticated Signed Original by Salvador Dali!

I’m offering this piece the first (and last) time ever at the bargain basement price of $9,997! That’s a $15,000 discount over the regular price of $24,997. This firesale offer expires May 1, 2020. It’s only available for the first customer, because this is a unique item.

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I’ve never offered so much for so little. And with this kind of pricing, I doubt this offer will last longer than today. That means if you’re the least bit interested in building your collection… now is the time. I’ll NEVER repeat this offer again!

Oh, one more thing..

You’ll still have my full, unconditional personal guarantee for a FULL 60 days. That means if you’re not absolutely delighted with this addition to your collection of rare original art, … just email me to arrange return and I’ll refund your investment. You must be delighted – OR YOU PAY NOTHING!

Here’s how to secure this price…

Click Here to Register Your Interest and Download the Item Details.

I will contact you by email to make the necessary arrangements. This price does not include shipping, handling or insurance. You will need to look after these yourself, although I will be happy to arrange at your request. Remember, this offer expires at midnight May 1, 2020. You have nothing to lose, and an Authenticated Signed Original by Salvador Dali to gain.

Register now, before your chance to get this special discount expires. With a price this low, it’ll be gone in a flash.

To your Art Loving Heart,

Paraic Bergin

PS That’s right, you get my Authenticated Signed Original by Salvador Dali at the bargain basement price of $9,997! That’s a $15,003 discount over the regular price of $25,000. Because I need to raise cash swiftly to pay for my laptop and my tuition, you save a grand total of $15,003! But you better move fast.