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One of the very first things we learn in life is that we are not enough….

Not big enough
Not old enough
Not smart enough
Not tough enough
Not fast enough
Not tall enough
Not important enough


Then we grow up and start to find our way, and it continues…

Not educated enough
Not trained enough
Not experienced enough
Not thin enough
Not rich enough
Not important enough

As adults, we daily face the fact that we are

Not successful enough
Not wise enough
Not adventurous enough
Not attractive enough
Not interesting enough
Not important enough

Not important enough….

We’re taught that everyone is more important than we are – parents, siblings, spouses/partners, children, relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues, bosses, society, church, authority, people with wealth and influence, so-called VIP’s.

The market for “solutions” to our not being enough is HUGE – think about it for a minute!!

Improvement: Religion (become good enough and save my soul)
Fashion, Fitness & cosmetic surgery (become more attractive)
Education (prove I’m smart enough)
Psycho- & other self-help therapies (find and fix what’s wrong with me)
Status (show everyone I’m good enough)
Distraction TV, internet, social media, sports, music
Avoidance Alcohol, drugs (legal and illegal), gambling, sex

We spend $Trillions – yes – TRILLIONS of dollars on these every year. And advertisers spend trillions more to get in front of us while we’re doing these things.

This “not enough” paradigm is so fundamentally strong because it’s true. Rather, it’s true to an extent.

It’s true that we’re not rich enough – have you ever met or heard of a wealthy person who said I’m ok, I’ve enough? No, doesn’t happen. Why? Because you can never be rich enough – the richer you become, the farther on you’ll push the finish line. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Wealth and riches are neither good nor evil – it’s what you do with them that matters.

Jim Rohn taught that it’s our duty to become wealthy, for 2 reasons – it’s good to be able to support and provide for ourselves and others and then, more importantly, for who you become in the process.

Tom Bilyeu talks about not being good enough, yet. I am not a good enough welder to weld (not surprising given that I’ve never welded anything). I am not a good enough writer, yet – I have no problem admitting that, because I know that if I show up and write and put it out there, I’ll get better and at some stage I’ll be good enough to adequately convey my message to a satisfied audience.

So recognizing we are not enough in specific ways is a good thing – it helps us decide what we want to learn, how we need or want to develop.

The Emperor has no clothes – we all remember the fairytale of the Emperor’s New Clothes and how it was a child, a person who didn’t see life through an impenetrable veil of indoctrination, who was the one to speak the awful, unutterable truth and break the spell. Once the spell is broken, like Humpty Dumpty it can never be restored.

It is a LIE that you are not enough. That massively dangerous and harmful Lie is cloaked in an illusion masquerading as a truth. The Lie wants you to keep believing that because there are things you need to do, to get, to learn that this proves YOU are not enough, when the TRUTH is that you are enough, have always been and always will be enough.

I am hosting a fantastic 4 day virtual summit from 22 – 25 March 2021 and we’re going to go deep into this stuff.

Which brings me to my ask – will you help me choose a name for my event?

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

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