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Books are magic. I’ve been an avid reader from early childhood. Having exhausted our local library’s children’s section by the time I was 7, I had to ask my mother to get permission for me to borrow from the adult’s library. I read voraciously – always had 5,6, 7 and more books on the go at any one time and finished 5-10 a week. I kept this up all through school and my early twenties. I slowed down a bit when I started studying and working – partly because I had to read so much for my studies and at work. But every time I was off the clock or between semesters, out came the books.

These habits have stayed with me all this time – at the moment I’m reading 14 books, a mixture of business, philosophy and fiction.

To me, ‘book’ means a physical thing. It’s a Sacred Object. I listen to audiobooks, but mostly if I’m driving. My kindle has 657 books on it today, most of which I’ve read at least once. Although I would be loath to delete an ebook or an audio book, I don’t treasure them the way I do my printed books.

My treasured books include first editions of 3 of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and 2 Alice A Bailey books. At the other end of the scale, I’ve got 70 year old John Creasey adventure novels in dog eared, grubby and well worn paperbacks. I have my father’s Latin and Greek texts he studied in the early 1930’s.

I NEVER throw books away.

Books are precious, and powerful. A single sentence at the right time can change your life…

This week, I’m participating in the Hay House 7 Day Book Writing Challenge.

It started yesterday and our assignment was: Why do I feel called to write a book?

I feel called to write a book because…

I feel it inside me. I have stories I want to tell, lessons to share. I want to express my experiences. I see other people writing and publishing and know I can do that. More, I see people who have written several books and know that I could do that too. I just need to get started.

I think the process of writing will help me develop the habit and discipline necessary to become a prolific author and to write and publish good quality books on a regular and consistent basis.

I believe it will help me in my business and career. I can use it to position myself as an expert and to introduce people to my thoughts and approach to life. Writing a good book is the first step to a wider and bigger audience, to becoming visible in an authoritative way on social media, tv, press, speaking etc. Being an author will open many new avenues for me to connect with audiences all over the world.

I have a unique perspective on life and think it would be attractive to many people. But at the moment, it’s rattling around in my head and nobody knows about it. Writing my book will help me start my movement – every journey starts with a step and writing my book is the first one.

What do you think? Have you thought about writing a book? Have you done it? Let me know in the comments below.