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Pearson’s Law is that what gets measured gets done. And what gets measured and reported, improves exponentially.

I’ve been doing some measuring and here is my report:

I started publishing on in May 2020 and continued through to August. Then I didn’t publish until December.

So I’ve published in 6 out of 9 months = 66.67%

I have written 27 articles. Monthly output ranged (excluding Zero product months) between 2 and 9 posts and my average for the 9 months is 3 per month.

My 27 posts got 435 views and 270 reads, a read % of 62%. The highest number of views I got was 76 and the highest number of reads was 53.

I gathered 9 followers – equals 1 per 3 articles published and lost 1 so today I have 8.

Medium estimates the reading time for all my posts is 100 minutes and the majority are 3-4 reads.

I want to improve my performance so I need to identify some areas where I can try new approaches. Having thought about it for a few minutes, these seem to be 10 obvious ways to do that:

  1. Write and publish more frequently.
  2. Write and publish consistently
  3. Write longer articles
  4. Define a niche and be consistent in it
  5. Write on topics and subjects that matter to me and I feel strongly about
  6. Find and express my authentic voice – attract my real audience – stop being vanilla
  7. Engage in the Community – follow and comment on other people’s work
  8. Test different headlines and sub-headings
  9. Test different article formats – essays, how to’s, lists
  10. Keep measuring, reporting and evolving.

Russel Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels, teaches that documenting is a key to creating content, content that is authentic and sells. And he’s 100% right – documenting what you’re doing gives you an honest, unvarnished record of what you actually did. That’s pure gold for creating products and services that work and deliver the results promised.

He goes further and asserts that if you publish in your chosen medium every day for a whole year, you’ll transform your business and your life. That’s what he did and from the founding of ClickFunnels in 2014 to today, he and his partners have built a company that turns over c $70 million annually and has over 250,000 rabid fans who run their sales funnels on ClickFunnels software and have used it to generate billions of dollars in sales. (Yes, rabid – Google “ClickFunnels” and you’ll see questions like is it a pyramid scheme?, is it a cult?). So I’m guessing he did a lot right.

My only regret is I didn’t start daily when I first heard this. Instead, today is Day 3 of my streak.

Mark Joyner, founder of Simpleology, teaches the Seinfeld method of building habits – do it daily, keep a tracker. Pretty soon you’ll have a chain of X’s and then it’s a matter of ‘don’t break the chain’. This discipline is well embedded in Health and Safety practices – you’ll see signs in premises and facilites saying X days without a lost time incident, or whatever the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is.

I’m setting these basic targets for the coming weeks and months:

  1. Publish every day
  2. Get my views per post up to 10 x my best previous = 76 x 10 = 760 views average
  3. Drive my post reads up from 64% to 75%
  4. Be attractive enough and/or controversial enough to attract at least one new follower each day
  5. Put a strong call to action in each post, together with a link to a page where readers can opt in to my newsletter

Next, I’ll look at two ways to lift my performance – write a longer article and polarise my audience.

So tomorrow’s piece will be about how Donald J Trump is a victim of his own success and how he might claw his way back…

And just so we’re clear – I’m sincere and deadly serious.

And I’m not a Trumper. If I was American, I’d be firmly in the Never-Trump camp.

But just because I’m not a fan or supporter doesn’t mean I can’t see and appreciate his genius for certain things, not least of which is his ability to take the pulse of America and carry millions with him. Love him or hate him, you have to accept the truth that the record turnout in the recent general election had little to do with Joe Biden, the Democrats, or even the Republican Party – the dominant factor throughout was DJT and he delivered a massive 10% increase in voter turnout vs. 2016.

So, watch out for tomorrow’s installment.

I’d love to see your comments. Thanks.