I’m spending 3 days hooked into Russel Brunson & ClickFunnels first ever Two Comma Club Live Virtual Conference. Given the 7 hour time difference, it starts at 6pm my time so it’s a bit of a challenge to organise sleeping etc. But I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

One of the video presentations was a recording of Alex Charfen outlining his EPT/Billionaire Code framework. Being what he calls an Evolutionary Hunter, I thrive on challenge and the real possibility of failure.

Ruthless and relentless in pursuit of excellence, I don’t suffer fools at all, and have no time for time-wasters, wafflers, excuses, or unwillingness to ‘grasp the nettle’.

I demand and expect rewards commensurate with bringing home more bacon than anyone else will deliver. If you want someone who can move, and has moved, mountains and you’re able and willing to pay, I could be just what the doctor ordered.

Strangely enough, I am personable, likable and get on well with most people (other than the types mentioned above). Adopting and adapting a collaborative leadership approach to identifying key issues and drivers has been central to my success.

After all, throughout our lives we rely on the cooperation of others to help us fulfill our most basic and fundamental needs. How much more dependent are we then in the pursuit of our goals and aspirations?