I have long been a fan of Charles F Haanel, author of “The Master Key System”. Among the urban legends surrounding this book is one that Bill Gates attributed his success with Microsoft to it. Whether it’s true or not, it sounds good. What is true is that Napoleon Hill who wrote “Think and Grow Rich” acknowledged Haanel’s influence on him and his writing. The early years of the 20th Century saw a dramatic growth of interest in the ‘New Thought’ movement which included Haanel, Hill and Wallace D Wattles (author of The Science of Getting Rich) as well as Florence Scovel Shinn (author of The Game of Life and How to Play It).

One factor that sets Haanel apart from Hill and Wattles is he was a successful businessman in his own right. While Hill and Wattles wrote what are now regarded as classics in the development of prosperity consciousness and the attainment of wealth (and not just financially), neither man became rich.

More importantly, Haanel’s book, which was originally issued as a 24 week course, included both instruction and practice in gaining control of one’s faculties and is immensely powerful when followed. I am working on an updated version of this book, which I intend to publish as both a book and a course later this year.

In the meantime, there is another, but less well known, Haanel book “Mental Chemistry” originally published in 1922 which makes very worthwhile reading and study. If you would like a free copy, simply click below:

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